July 13, 2020

3 reasons that fuel betting craze in Kenya

More and more Kenyans are engaging in the betting industry in their country, and one can say that it has already become a lifestyle for them. There are at least three reasons why many people bet, and the chance to earn instant money is one of them.

One bettor will only need to get lucky and win a bet. Some people even became millionaires by engaging in the nation’s betting culture. The knowledge that some people managed to win big in betting is a significant contributing factor for people to consider betting instead of working for long hours as an easy way to earn money.

Resorting to betting to earn money is also one mindset that’s prevalent among the many jobless graduates in the nation, especially with the rise of multitudes of makeshift casinos and the availability of online sports betting for those who have access to the internet.

The current Kenyan society cannot accommodate the many jobless youths in the country, which means that people will need to look for alternative sources of income to survive, and betting is one excellent means to earn money. Some people resort to sports betting to have a higher chance of winning since they won’t have to rely heavily on lady luck to win since researching and strategizing are essential to winning in sports betting. 

The last contributing factor to the betting craze in Kenya is the technological boom that led to the establishment of many internet cafes and betting houses that allowed Kenyans to bet online and the arrival of cheap smartphones, which made sports betting more accessible to the public. 

Many Kenyans engage in betting because they have limited options when it comes to making a living. Sports betting is especially attractive as several betting sites offer free bets in Kenya if the bettor happens to be placing a bet for the first time in a particular site.

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