Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

AgenBola- Immediate Payout If Your Prediction Becomes Right

Live football betting is the most exciting and popular form of sports betting. Most wagers place their bet on this genre of betting. Live betting makes the match more exhilarating and gripping to watch. But you must be careful while placing the bet. You should not bet on home or favorite team just to liven the atmosphere. You must have a well understanding of the game and go through the statistics of the past performance of the teams before placing your bet. Some interesting features are introduced by Agen bola in-play bets, where you get an immediate payout if your prediction becomes right. You can bet on any events that are going to happen within the next one or five minutes, be it a corner, free kick, penalty, or a goal. Live betting is increasingly becoming popular; the prospect it offers is hard to discount.

As football betting is becoming more popular, football betting markets are various.

Winner (1×2 FT)

This is the most basic form of football betting. Wagering in this format, you have to predict which team will win or there will be a draw. Figure 1 stands for the home team, figure 2 for the other side, and X represents the draw. This format of betting is the most popular and most predominant in every football betting website.

Double Chance

In this format of betting, it offers ways to win. In this format, you can bet either a win or a draw. If they win or draw, you win the bet, until unless they lose, you are on the safer side. Odds for Double Chance betting are very alluring when one team is much stronger than the other.

Goals over/under

This is another kind of popular football betting option, where you predict a number of goals to be scored in the match. The goals over/under is set at 2.5, which means there must be three goals to win the bet.

Betting Apps

Mobile football betting is easy and convenient, and also you can win some cash while commuting. Through the app, you can bet from anywhere at any time. This technology has sea changed the world of sports betting over the last few years. You can bet through a Smartphone, computer, or tablet, which has an internet connection. The native app is compatible with both android and iOS. Mobile betting apps give you a flawless experience.

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