July 6, 2020

Choosing Your Options for the Fine Sports Betting Now

The handicap rule for sports betting can often tip the balance in your favor. By betting on single matches, the odds will increase significantly thanks to the handicap bet without upsetting the outcome of the match.

However, we advise you to use handicap sports betting only if you know how to use it perfectly. If you are a beginner bettor, it is better to focus on single bets rather than starting with a handicap bet. Ditto if you play a sport of which you do not master all the subtleties.

General information on handicap sports betting

You should know that handicap bets are available for each sport. However, such variants are rather recurrent in sports disciplines such as football, rugby, tennis or even certain US sports.

If a handicap sport betting is also popular with Belgian players, it is once again because of their attractive odds, but also because they make it possible to predict an unbalanced match on paper in a more interesting way. With the toto ks you can find the best deal.

Concrete example of a handicap sports bet

You want to bet on the match between PSG and Anderlecht in the Champions League. The odds for a single bet are as follows: 1 1.35, N 3.75, 2 9.00. As you can see, this match is very unbalanced and this is clearly seen in the odds exposed: the stake is therefore low for the bettors. Therefore, your online betting site offers to add a handicap to proportion the debates.

“Suppose you choose a football handicap of 0: 1 at your bookmaker. This means that at the end of the match the result will be determined by granting an additional goal to Anderlecht. ”

Imagine that you choose a football handicap of 0: 1 at your bookmaker. This means that at the end of the match the result will be determined by granting an additional goal to Anderlecht. Let’s discover together the different possible scenarios:

  • If the match ends in a draw (0-0), the handicap therefore gives 0-1. Anderlecht is a winner.
  • If the match ends in a 1-0 PSG victory, it gives 1-1. You had to bet on a draw to win your bet.
  • If the balance match on a PSG 2-0 victory, it gives 2-1. PSG wins the meeting.

To take another concrete example, you would have won your bet by betting on Belgium’s victory against France in the last World Cup, provided you add 2 goals to the Red Devils. But that’s another story.

Differences with Asian disability

Note that there are two types of sports betting with a handicap: the classic handicap , which we could see together in the previous paragraphs, and the Asian handicap . With Asian handicap bets, the difficulty gets a little tougher with several specificities to take into account. First of all, the bettor will not be able to bet on a draw, and your starting bet will be fully refunded in this case. It is also a major asset for the Asian handicap table in comparison with sports betting handicap explanation.

In addition to this first point, the Asian handicap explanation generally requires you to bet on decimal numbers, which requires more refined forecasts. So do not take this type of bet lightly.

An example for the Asian handicap explanation

You are betting live on a Standard Liège victory against Club Bruges with an Asian handicap of + 0.5. Bruges loses on the score of 1 to 0. With your handicap, this ultimately gives a Standard 1 victory at 0.5, and you therefore win your bet.

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