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The Asian handicap is a form of betting that aims at disadvantage for a particular team in a football game. You know those popular bets among friends that when the person is very confident in his team he ends up giving him 1 goal advantage, that is, for him to win the bet, his team must win by 2 × 0 (2 goals difference at least) and if you win only 1 × 0 the bet is tied since he scored 1 goal for his friend’s team. Basically the Handicap is that, easy and simple to understand, but we have some Asian handicap options and we will explain to you one by one.

There are the following options for Asian Handicap which are:

Asian Handicap

In this Handicap it is the same thing as the Draw No Bet market. To win this bet the team has to win the match, however if it is tied the bet is returned. If the team loses, we lose the bet. In the perfect Sportsbooks you can find the best deal now.

Asian Handicap

To win this bet the team has to win the match, that is, it is the same as the winning market entering before the match starts.

  • To win this bet the team has to win the match.
  • If the team ties the game, we only win half the bet.
  • If the team loses the game we lose the entire bet.

Asian Handicap

To win this bet, the team winning or drawing the match wins the bet, that is, it is the same as the 1x or 2x double chance market entering before the match starts.

  • If you lose the game we lose the bet.
  • The Asian Handicap in live has only 1 difference.
  • The Asian Handicap bet live the scoreboard only starts from the moment you make the entry.

For example if a match is 2 × 0 on the real scoreboard and you make an entry in the Asian Handicap the scoreboard is 0x0 again as it starts counting the criteria from the moment you placed the bet. So pay close attention to the Asian Handicap in live.

For example, let’s suppose that Barcelona are already winning by 2 × 0.Let’s pretend we entered Handicap -1 in favor of Barcelona in the 70th minute of the game where in this Handicap Barcelona have to win by +2 goals difference.

Last Words

At this point the score will be 0x0 again and Barcelona have to make 2 more goals to win the bet, that is, the goals he has already made do not count because at the moment we bet in the 70th minute the scoreboard starts from there.

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