July 6, 2020
marked decks

There Are Fluorescent Poker Cards

Fluorescent cards poker is made from 5th generation playing card ink and is specially marked cards for marked card games.

Our playing cards with fluorescent back markings, with additional light, can be read from the corresponding one-to-one poker camera and then clearly seen on a monitor by human eyes. General infrared contact lenses or sunglasses with invisible ink cannot be read its fluorescent markings,

Whether paper playing cards or plastic poker cards, we can make them fluorescent cards. These fluorescent ink markings that we print on the back of the card can remain indestructible for up to 2 years.

Fluorescent playing cards mark exists in the world. Do you want to collect these magically marked cards? You can get them at https://www.cardslenses.com/marked-cards.shtml.

The Best Way to Mark Playing Cards

As for the barcode marked cards, we should let every piece of poker out and send it to the machine. Then mix the special ink and place it in the printer. And we put the barcode of the invisible ink, and then the printing machine prints it out on the four sides of the poker. When it gets dry, we should put them back in the poker box. Invisible ink barcode marked cards are ready.

Poker cards marked back differ from cards marked with a barcode. The largest are various ink cards, and the other difference is printing the different positions of the poker. You can also create marking cards with invisible ink yourself.

Glasses That Can See Through Marked Card Poker

If you don’t want to see the invisible markings printed on the back of the marked card poker by wearing contact lenses, you can use our IR sunglasses.

Invisible pen with glasses is fashionable and stylish. They make you look cool while playing card games. The most important thing is that IR glasses can see through marked card poker with invisible markings.

Sometimes other poker players know whether your poker hand is good or bad because of your facial expression or your eyes. IR sunglasses are good poker devices for you, they can’t help you see through marked cards, but they don’t protect your facial expression from being exposed.

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