July 6, 2020

The Finer Options for the Sports Gambling Deals


Remember what you said about the parallel of using stake increase and how positive badrun was? Yes, we can use this parallel, drawn on a standard deviation and create a line that, when reached, becomes the time to increase a stake stake. How does it happen? Some people already have this notion in mind, but do not know how to name or use yet, but practice it always. Example, championship straight lines. For many, the most profitable part of competitions. It is more EV to increase your stake during this period.

Another question, about badrun

We know that our bets are independent events. That is, as with heads or tails, each bet is unrelated to each other, just like every time the coin is thrown, the odds are the same. Just like every bet you place, the chance of losing is the same. Based on this principle, every smarter bettor will seek bets in more balanced matches, or balance matches with the use of the Asian handicap, precisely to have something closer to 50/50, seeking value above 50% on these bets of course. Boring concept for dumb math neh, but calm down, you’ll understand.

The parameter

In this parameter the maximum 안전놀이터 bets will give you a minimum return where you will exchange money with the bookmaker and you will not lose money, because it is 50/50 and you seek something of value. In the long run you may be tied for a while, but when you adjust the lines and your study, no house will secure you anymore, the money exchange period is normal when you are close to finding the thread. In this same parameter, each bet is an independent event, but it is not the bet made, but who makes it. 

  • Because we have criteria outlined for decision making, and these criteria, call them “method” can be measured with ROI, Winrate, Average odds, and also the amount of time, money, bets, units that you deviate from this profit line, made by standard deviation. Did you understand anything? 


Well, in this you prove to everyone, and here we say that we prove, that the whole bet becomes an event dependent on the bettor’s choice. The database is the bettor and not the bet. This is a revolution in the sports betting system, as we can measure exactly when you can increase your stake according to your reds. You will have more lucrative periods, and it depends on you, the gambler and your choices. So it’s not about the choices, it’s about who chooses. This brings down much that is already known within the universe of probability theory, including playing with the theory of independent and dependent events.


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