July 6, 2020

The Football games and the Finest Options for Gambling

One weekend is coming full of football games and you want to bet. The markets you want to bet on involve goals, such as over fewer than 2 to 5 Goals and Both Teams Score. And to succeed in this is essential to know the average of goals scored and conceded by each 안전놀이 site team.

There are sites that make this available for free, but we think you want to learn how to calculate this statistical term, and doing so is very easy.

  • Divide the total sum of some value (goals) by another value (games). The result of this division will be considered the average.
  • Corinthians 16 goals in 10 games. The average is 1.60 goals per game.
  • Vasco 8 goals in 9 games. The average is 0.88 goals per game.

You should not divide the number of games by the number of goals, but divide the number of goals by the number of games, being 16/10 and 8/9 in your division, as in the examples. In the calculator you will do:

To calculate the average of goals conceded, do the same division. Take the total number of goals conceded and divide by the number of games.

Now how do you know the total average goals of a game?

It depends on what games of a particular tournament you will consider. Maybe you get all the team games in the season, maybe you exclude games from a league.

Once you know how to calculate the average of goals scored and the average of goals conceded, everything is easier.

Examples of actual numbers for the 2017 Champions League finalists:

  • Juventus 21 goals scored in 12 matches, average of 1.75 goals.
  • Juventus 3 goals conceded in 12 goals, average of 0.25 goals.
  • Real Madrid 33 goals scored in 12 matches, average of 2.75 goals.
  • Real Madrid 16 goals conceded in 12 games, average 1.33 goals.

Now add up all the averages (1.75 + 0.25 + 2.75 + 1.33) and divide by 2. The result of this equation is 3.04 goals in average per match.

Did it get complicated? So an easier way

Add up all the goals scored and conceded by both teams and divide by the sum total of games that each made.

There have been 24 total goals in 12 Juventus games + 49 total goals in 12 Real games. Add 24 + 49 and divide by 24 (total games). The result is 3.04 goals in average per match.


Evaluating only the average of goals scored or goals conceded is rather vague to consider before placing a bet. The soccer game is much bigger than that. To get you started on how to evaluate a soccer game before betting, we suggest you read my article How to make an analysis to bet on football.

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