Fri. Nov 22nd, 2019
marked deck

What is a marked deck?

According to Wikibook, a marked deck is a deck of cards with multiple, secretive marks on each card. For short, it’s a deck of marked poker cards that is always used in card and mentalism tricks by magicians or poker players for cheating. The marks are used to identify the card from the backside in a special way.

What can poker players do with a luminous marked deck? They can add additional edge marks for poker players by making poker magic tricks with the help of luminous deck marked cards.

For playing, luminous deck marked cards can help poker player to get the better hand. Image you have two Aces in your pocket, there is a rainbow in the community cards: A-Q-5. And turn and river remain unknown. Would be nice to know turn and river, even your opponents’ hand? Because you can make a big blind or know that weather your opponents are bluffing. More importantly, the pot is over 500USD! Luminous deck marked cards are very helpful for you in this pivotal moment.

Luminous ink marked deck of cards can be viewed by special luminous ink readers such as infrared contact lenses while the invisible luminous ink marks cannot be detected by our human naked eyes. For the different lights of different places held poker card games, luminous marked decks will hide its markings completely. Hence, it is unnecessary for us to worry about being detected.

Luminous deck marked cards’ marking patterns can be varied by this online shop One is only a jumbo and its suit in the middle of back, and the other one is four small fonts scatter in the corners. Except above ordinary patterns, customers can customize their own luminous poker marking cards as well. What kinds of patterns marking can be done perfectly, can be available every company.

The applications of luminous deck marked cards are also diverse. Appling it in private poker games, casino gamble games, party card games as well as house is feasible definitely!

All in all, a marked deck with invisible ink marks can help a lot in poker games with special  infrared reader or phone analyzer. It is worthwhile for every poker player to owe a luminous marked deck of cards.


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